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Server Housing
Server housing means the placement of a server or other device of the customer in the data centre, its connection to the Internet, and the provision of care in the agreed scope for its trouble-free operation. The device can be accessed both physically on the spot and remotely via KVM over IP. The housing service also includes the provision of the necessary backup source, firewall and ports in the switch.
virtuální hosting
Virtual hosting
The basis of the service is the provision of a virtual server with a defined performance and number of processor cores, amount of memory and disk space. The entire virtualization solution is built from components from global brands with the possibility of providing licenses. This will give you independence from the amount and type of proprietary hardware or software. With us, you can easily optimize your business.
The provision of a physical server or other device in the specification required by the customer, its connection to an Internet network, and the provision of care in the agreed scope for its trouble-free operation. The device is owned by the data centre, and all hardware service and maintenance is under its direction. The client thus gains hardware equipment that is always up-to-date without the need for repeated investments in and maintenance of its own device. The service may include the provision of the number of software licenses required for running the required applications on the servers.
komplexní služby
Complex Services
We provide the integration, configuration and migration of complete server systems. We offer comprehensive service support, from the design of solutions, through implementation to long-term care. We design comprehensive server solutions based on the individual requirements of the customer with regard to cost optimization. ISO 9000 and ISO 20000 certification is a matter of course for us.

Technology and security

Data centre equipment

Power supply

The data centre is connected to the power grid at a energy distributor connection point located directly at the base of the building, which eliminates the possibility of interruptions in the power supply caused by a cable disruption in the connection route. The power supply is backed up by a motor generator with an auto transformer starter (ATS). The motor generator is equipped with preheating, which increases the reliability of startups in the winter. The motor generator has a unit for remote control and monitoring, which provides all the information about the state to the supervising workplace. To ensure the continuity of services, the motor generator is regularly tested and outages are simulated. To ensure the operation of the data centre in the period before the motor generator starts, uninterruptible power sources (UPS) are used. The data centre is equipped with UPS with N+1 redundancy, which means that it is also resistant against the potential failure of a UPS. Each switchgear/rack is equipped with a 3-phase PDU, which is self-contained and allows load distribution between the individual phases or the use of redundant sources in the installed servers. The monitoring and measurement of energy consumption are a matter of course.

Air Conditioning

The data centre is equipped with a system of air conditioning units again with N+1 redundancy, which enables servicing during operation and outage-free troubleshooting. The temperature and humidity in the data centre are monitored in several places, which allows for effective temperature control and facilitates the evaluation of any anomalies.


The data centre can be accessed based on an access card and only when accompanied by a service technician, and a detailed record is kept on each visit for the purposes of checking accesses. Access is possible 24 hours a day. The data centre is equipped with electronic security signalling that is connected to the central security station online. It is also equipped with a fire alarm system. Prior to installation, each new device is subjected to an electrical review. Other equipment includes a camera system, with recording capability.


The data centre is connected to the Internet through 4 independent redundant optical lines with capacities of 1Gbit/s or 10Gbit/s. A colocation rack of the Olomouc metropolitan network is located right in the premises of the data centre, which enables connection to any provider or important building in Olomouc. Given that the data centre is connected to the national peering centre NIX, the trouble-free exchange of data between other DCs in the Czech Republic or Europe is possible. The data centre is also a member of the FeNIX platform for dealing with DDoS attacks.

Network Infrastructure

In the data centre, we use the active elements Cisco and HPE. All elements are duplicated and connected in redundant mode. Transfer speeds of 1 Gbit/s or 10 Gbit/s can be used in the data centre. There is, of course, the possibility to use IPv4 and IPv6. The data centre is equipped against security threats from the Internet with Cisco ASA firewalls connected to a failover cluster. The data centre is equipped with a system for the analysis of NetFlow information on the traffic on data lines with the possibility of identifying potential attacks (e.g. DDoS) in time, and it enables a timely response to these threats.

About the Data Centre

DATACENTRUM MORAVIA was built and put into operation in June 2008. The creation of the data centre was triggered by the demand of clients for specific services that were missing in the region. These services include, in particular, housing, hosting and virtual hosting services provided primarily to regional companies in conjunction with high-quality technologies, an individual approach and on-going service support from a dedicated IT company. Furthermore, they offer the possibility to use the existing optical infrastructure available in Olomouc for connecting customer networks to servers located in the data centre. One of the goals is to bring the data centre closer to local customers so that they can see it physically, talk to the provider's staff and make sure they are not buying a pig in a poke.

DATACENTRUM MORAVIA provides ideal conditions for the efficient operation of your servers through state-of-the-art technologies. It provides a secure environment for your investments and prolongs their life cycle. It enables you to finance your infrastructure by leasing, thereby saving the large investment in building your own production, testing, or backup environment.


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